6 Years and a Full Circle

A half a dozen years in Utah.  Of all places Utah.  What’s strange to think and even more difficult to vocalize is that I have spent the majority of my adult life here.  The issue?  I love this place.

I’m not supposed to.

My out of Utah friends all deride me for living here.  They don’t understand.

I am supposed to be bitter at the dominant religion for kicking me out what seems like a lifetime ago.  I’m not.

In what can be a very unique place to live, I have had the most profound and life-shaping experiences to date.  I have made decisions that will have an impact on me for the rest of my life (for better or worse).

I’ve had a career.  Been married.  Owned a house.  They’ve all started and ended in the time that I’ve been in Utah.

I have a hard time sitting still.

The crucible of time here has left me with thoughts, experiences and ideas that have been mostly corralled in that secret and solemn part of my mind that I rarely, if ever, express.

I have been criticized roundly for this perfunctory aspect of my life.  For that I apologize.

So count this new page as penance.

Here’s to the past six years and for all that Utah will continue to bring in my remaining time here!

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